Hideki Matsuhisa

Hideki Matsuhisa is born in Toyota, Japan and evolves in the art of the Japanese cuisine, first at his father’s restaurant and later in several different ones in Tokyo.

In 1997 he moves to Barcelona and decides to import the aromas of the Japanese kitchens. This is how he converts into the head chef and co-owner of Shunka (2001), a typical Japanese tavern in the middle of the Gothic quarter and the Koy Shunka (2008; awarded with a Michelin star in 2012), the gourmet and sophisticated version of the first one. With these records Hideki Matsuhisa lands in the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa with an original proposal, full of the best Japanese cooking tradition.

The gastronomic menu designed for Koy Hermitage combines with expertise the tradition and culinary techniques of Japan, fresh and high quality products and local ingredients.  

For Sport Hotels Resort & Spa it is a real pleasure to welcome Hideki Matsuhisa and his team and invites all our guests and visitors to discover a bit of Japan in the mountains of Andorra: Koy Hermitage.