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Visit the Tibetan Bridge of Canillo in Andorra

Visit the Tibetan Bridge of Canillo in Andorra

Among the majestic mountains, in Canillo, you will find this tourist attraction that will offer you an exciting adventure suspended in the air. A walk in which adrenaline will be the protagonist and vertigo is not invited. Suspended in the sky you will be able to catch a glimpse of a panoramic and, without a doubt, unequalled view of Andorra.

Challenge your limits by crossing this impressive structure, which rises to the dizzying height of 1,875 metres. Along its 603-metre length, you can enjoy a unique experience in which adrenaline merges with the serenity of the surrounding nature. Each step will bring you closer to a deeper connection with the natural environment of Andorra.

If you love hiking, this activity is designed especially for you. You can access the Tibetan Bridge via a hiking route that will guide you through lush forests, allowing you to discover the hidden corners of this marvellous destination. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the scenery as you approach this incredible piece of engineering suspended in the air.

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