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The Valmont Beauty and Wellness Experience at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa

The Valmont Beauty and Wellness Experience at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa

The search for high quality beauty and wellness treatments has led us to discover a gem at the heart of the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa, where the luxury brand Valmont offers rejuvenating and transformative experiences. Immerse yourself in comfort as you discover the exclusive Valmont treatments that await you.


Valmont Excellence: More than a Brand, an Experience


Valmont is known for its high-end skincare products and personalised treatments. At the Sport Wellness Mountain Spa, the Swiss brand becomes synonymous with excellence and sophistication. Valmont treatments are renowned for their innovative approach, using advanced technologies and cutting-edge formulas to deliver visible and long-lasting results.


The Personalised Beauty Ritual: A Treatment Tailored to You


At the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa, each guest is greeted with a personalised approach to beauty and wellness. The hotel's expert therapists assess individual skin needs, creating a unique beauty ritual for each person. From hydrating treatments to anti-ageing solutions, Valmont offers a full range of options to revitalise the skin and enhance its radiance.


The Magic of Valmont Facial Treatments: Renew your Skin from the Inside Out


The Valmont facial treatments at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa are a unique facial rejuvenation experience. From the iconic Collagen Mask to the anti-ageing Serums, each option is designed to nourish, revitalise and tone the skin. High quality ingredients combined with expert application techniques create a luxurious sensation that transforms the skin and restores its natural radiance.




Body and Mind in Harmony: Valmont Body Treatments


It is not only the face that deserves special attention. The body treatments offered at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa focus on revitalising the skin, improving circulation and relieving accumulated stress. From relaxing massages to rejuvenating wraps, each treatment is designed to provide a complete wellness experience.


Science and Nature in Tune: Valmont Products


In addition to spa treatments, the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa offers guests the opportunity to take the Valmont experience home with them. The spa boutique features a carefully curated selection of Valmont products, allowing guests to continue their skincare routine with the same quality standards they experienced at the spa.


Discover a new level of well-being as you immerse yourself in the world of Valmont, where beauty and sophistication meet in perfect harmony. Your skin deserves the best, and at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa, that is precisely what you will find with Valmont treatments.