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Mushing is a winter activity that has become increasingly popular in Andorra in recent years. It is a unique experience that combines the thrill of winter sports with the beauty of the snowy landscapes of the Pyrenees.

As we know this activity is a favorite among visitors to our country, at the Sport Hotel Hermitage & SPA, you can enjoy this incredible adventure. This luxury hotel is located in the heart of the Soldeu ski resort, in the Grandvalira sector, making it the perfect place for skiing and other winter sports enthusiasts.

This sport involves sliding through the snow on a sled pulled by dogs. It is an exciting way to explore the snowy landscapes of Andorra and enjoy nature in a unique way. The dogs used for Mushing are specially trained for this sport and are capable of covering long distances in a short time.

At the hotel, guests can enjoy this activity with the help of expert guides who will teach them everything they need to know to enjoy an unforgettable experience. The sleds are designed for two people, so the experience can be shared with a friend or partner.

In addition to Mushing, the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa offers a wide variety of services and amenities for its guests, including a state-of-the-art spa, several restaurants and bars, and luxury rooms and suites with breathtaking views of the Grandvalira ski slopes.

Mushing allows winter sports enthusiasts to explore the Andorran landscapes in a different way. If you are looking for an experience of this kind, the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa is the perfect place to stay and enjoy this unforgettable experience.