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Michelin star restaurants in Soldeu

Michelin star restaurants in Soldeu

The exclusivity of having a Michelin star in an area where there is no other, gives the restaurant the seal of quality of the raw materials and the preparation of the food.


What is a Michelin Star?

The Michelin Stars are a distinction awarded to restaurants and hotels in recognition of the extreme quality of their food and services.

It is important to know that Michelin Stars are not awarded to chefs, but to restaurants. Therefore, if a chef leaves the kitchen, the restaurant will not lose its star.
The star must be defended year after year, maintaining the quality and perfection of the dishes.


How many stars can be awarded?

Recognition of excellence in restaurants or hotels can range from one to three stars. The first Michelin Star is awarded on the basis of 5 criteria: quality of the products, control of the taste and culinary techniques, the personality of the chef in his kitchen, the quality-price ratio and the continuity between visits.

According to the Michelin guide, the meaning of the stars is as follows:

  • One star: a cuisine of great finesse, it's worth stopping!
  • Two stars: exceptional cuisine, worth a detour!
  • Three stars: a unique cuisine, justifies the journey!

Although a star is a great achievement for a chef, Michelin insists that the awards are for the benefit of consumers and not for the chefs.


The Michelin Star in Soldeu

The chef Francis Paniego, with two Michelin stars and three Repsol suns, offers you a gastronomic experience you can't imagine.

Ibaya's cuisine is full of identity and good taste. It is based on a fusion of creativity and tradition to create unique dishes that manage to delve into the taste memory so that its cuisine exudes territory and tradition.

Jordi Grau is the chef at the helm of the cookers, who, thanks to his technique and leadership skills, has been able to lead the restaurant to fulfil its dream of achieving its first star.

The restaurant combines the influence of Francis Paniego's Rioja style with mountain gastronomy, especially in the appetisers, where they surprise with dishes such as "nettle in tempura", which they pick just a few metres from the restaurant.

Depending on the season, the menu varies (which will always have 7 or 11 dishes), including roast pigeon with grapes in red wine, cereals and its cannelloni, langoustine with walnut and truffle pil-pil and warm toast with Bauma cheese, apple and honey ice cream. They also present allusions to the home cooking of Echaurren (the chef's family restaurant), such as his mother's croquettes and Marta's hake, where the cooking point of the raw material is the key to seduction. All this experience is, of course, accompanied by the work of sommelier Zaida Muñoz, who works hard to find the best wines to contrast with the dishes.

Many people are looking for a gastronomic experience of this magnitude and at Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa we are very proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to live it. If you need more information about the experience, you can visit our menu and contact us for enquiries or bookings through:

Phone: +376 870 670
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