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Learn about all the fauna and flora around the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa.

Learn about all the fauna and flora around the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa.

Hermitage, luxury is not only in the hotel, but also in the wildlife that surrounds us and the possibility of enjoying it.

Welcome to Soldeu, a unique ecosystem of nature reserved for the majestic mountains of Andorra, where the Hermitage hotel complex offers not only luxury and comfort, but also an exceptional place to observe a world of natural wonders. For nature lovers, this is a paradise where every glance through the panoramic windows is an invitation to explore.


Winged majesty in the sky above Soldeu.

Admire the flight of birds as they glide over the infinite blue. Here, the sky is a dynamic stage where birds of prey play the leading roles, offering spectacles that captivate ornithologists and enthusiasts alike.

 Golden eagle

  • Curiosities: Golden eagles have extremely acute vision, capable of detecting prey at great distances. They are monogamous birds that can keep the same mate for several years or even a lifetime.

  • Where and when to watch: Best seen from high points in Soldeu, especially during the cooler hours of the day when the thermals help them to soar.


Griffon vulture

  • Curiosities: Griffon vultures have a wingspan that can exceed 2.5 metres and are crucial cleaners of the ecosystem, feeding almost exclusively on carrion.

  • Where and when to watch: Frequently seen in open skies, often during mornings when air currents are more stable.



Terrestrial inhabitants

Amid rustling leaves and rustling branches, marmots alert with their whistles, deer walk cautiously and foxes glide through shadows. These earthly encounters are a reminder of the delicate balance of mountain life.


  • Curiosities: Marmots are known for their peculiar whistling sound, which they use to alert their mates to potential dangers. They hibernate during the winter in extensive burrows.

  • Where and when to watch: They can be found in alpine meadows during the warmer months, generally from spring to autumn.



  • Curiosities: Deer are ruminants and bucks have antlers that they lose and regenerate each year. They are very wary and have a highly developed sense of smell.

  • Where and when to watch: At dawn or dusk in wooded areas or at the edge of clearings.



Life in the clear waters

In the crystal-clear streams that meander near the hotel, trout glide like silvery sparkles, embodying the purity of Soldeu's aquatic ecosystem.

 Trout in the mountain streams

  • Curiosities: Trout are sensitive to water quality, which makes them an indicator of the health of the aquatic ecosystem. They are fish that can make spectacular leaps when they are feeding or spawning.

  • Where and when to watch: In mountain streams and rivers, especially during cooler seasons when the water is clearer.



High altitude encounters

On the steep slopes, you will see mountain goats climbing, as they are the true acrobats of altitude. Their presence is a testament to their resilience and adaptability.

 Mountain goats

  • Curiosities: Mountain goats are excellent climbers, with hooves adapted for grip on steep terrain. They have a social hierarchy that is exhibited in antler fights between males.

  • Where and when to watch: On rocky slopes and steep areas, most commonly in the cool hours of the day.



In Soldeu, it is not only the fauna that is the protagonist, but also the flora and plants. From the alpine blooms to the robust, snow-covered pines, each species contributes a note to the chord of life that resounds in the mountains. From the Hermitage Hotel; we want to communicate that it is always important to respect nature and not to disturb the animals in their natural habitat.

The Hotel Hermitage is not only a luxury destination, but a window to the extraordinary biodiversity of Soldeu. Every day offers the opportunity to discover a new natural secret, to feel closer to the earth and to marvel at the beauty that thrives in harmony with its surroundings.

We invite you to bring your binoculars, your camera and your love of nature. Discover for yourself the magic that awaits in this paradise among the mountains of Soldeu and share your experiences with us. Because at the Hotel Hermitage, every guest is an explorer and every day is an adventure. We love to share our guests' good contributions on our social networks.