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Grandvalira 2023 opening

Grandvalira 2023 opening

Under the snowy blanket of the Pyrenees, a sanctuary of snow and adventure spreads its wings: Grandvalira, the jewel of skiers and lovers of beauty.

From Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa, we announce that Grandvalira has confirmed the opening date. This will be December 1, 2023, and will remain open until April 7, 2024. There are only less than two months left to prepare and equip yourself to enjoy your favorite winter sports. And for that, we have the best web rate only here.

The Sport Hotel Hermitage & SPA is one of the few hotels located at the foot of the slopes, at 1,850 meters of altitude, where the ease of leaving your bags, go out the door, put on your boots, and start skiing, is the most comfortable.

The opening of Grandvalira in Soldeu means that all activities can be enjoyed with the family, in company or on your own. The winter resort offers a wide range of opportunities and adventures. The majestic mountains invite us to enter a world beyond its slopes, a world where adventure comes in many forms and a wide extension of them is skiable. This ski resort is a perfect example that adventure and beauty can be a good combination.



It's not all skiing and snowboarding, the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa offers activities for all tastes and levels:

  • Explore the thrill of mushing.
    Experience the thrill of dog sledding along the trails near Soldeu, admiring the natural landscape. Immerse yourself in a magical ride full of adrenaline.

  • Explore the serenity of the forest with snowshoes.
    If you prefer a more serene winter experience, we invite you to explore the less traveled paths of Soldeu with snowshoes. Immerse yourself in a world of peace and tranquility as you make your way along trails that wind their way through the season's white blanket.

  • A snowmobile ride in the snow
    Feel the thrill by renting a snowmobile and ride through the mountains of Soldeu while enjoying the scenery and the experience.

  • Heli-skiing:
    The thrill of gliding down the mountain from the heights. If you feel like trying something unique, then we recommend heli-skiing. This activity consists of accessing by helicopter to the wildest areas of the slopes, where you can enjoy the true experience of alpine skiing.


Remember that all these activities can be booked at the hotel itself.

Undoubtedly, Soldeu is a perfect winter destination to enjoy with the family. Here, the little ones are the real protagonists of the adventure. In these snow-covered mountains, there are a variety of activities designed for children to enjoy in a safe and fun way.



Activities for children:

  • Sledding and snowmen: The snowfields in Soldeu are the perfect setting for children to have fun sliding on sleds and building snowmen.

  • Ice skating: Another activity that children love and that you will easily find in Canillo, ice skating, where the youngest can practice their skills on skates.


In every corner of Soldeu, there is a world to discover, from breathtaking natural landscapes to exciting outdoor activities. It's a paradise for lovers of adventure and great experiences.

So, if you are planning a family vacation in a magical winter setting, the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa in Soldeu is the perfect destination to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.