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A walk through the stars

A walk through the stars

The Michelin Star is one of the most coveted and respected awards in the culinary world. Created by the French tire company Michelin in the early 20th century, this restaurant guide has become a standard of gastronomic excellence around the world. In this blog, we will explore what exactly the Michelin Star is, how it is awarded, whether it can be withdrawn, the requirements to obtain it, which restaurants are eligible and some fascinating trivia.


To obtain a Michelin star, five criteria are established, the same always, regardless of where the restaurant is located: quality of the ingredients, harmony of flavors, mastery of technique, the personality of the chef reflected through his cuisine. . and, something no less important, the regularity over time and of the proposal as a whole.


The decision whether or not to award a Michelin star to a restaurant is made by Michelin's famous anonymous inspectors. Once several inspectors have eaten at a restaurant, they meet and share their different experiences to make the final decision as a team. These visits are quite continuous because one of the criteria is regularity and that is why they visit the establishment quite a few times before making a decision.


Curiosities about Michelin stars include the fact that there is no limit to the number of stars that can be assigned annually. A restaurant, however, cannot have more than 3 Michelin stars. When an establishment obtains 3 stars it means maximum recognition. Other curiosities are that the decoration of the establishment does not influence the assignment of stars, and that stars can be lost because restaurants that already have a constant review by inspectors to see if everything is still as good. If in these reviews it is perceived that the restaurant is no longer up to par, it runs the risk of having its Michelin star withdrawn.



In an environment governed by quality, it is easy for a stellar event to occur, such as the case of the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa. A luxury 5-star hotel located in Soldeu, Andorra, with the best restaurant service in the Pyrenees. Nobody could imagine that Chef Francis Paniego, awarded with two Michelin stars, could move his knowledge and technique from Ezcaray in La Rioja to the country of the Pyrenees where, with the Ibaya restaurant, he has been able to fuse the cuisine he makes as a teacher with such delicious local products. . like those that exist in the area. The Ibaya has a fascinating environment where customers can choose between two complete gastronomic menus full of flavors.


If we continue talking about stars, we can also add the one owned by the Koy Hermitage restaurant where Japanese haute cuisine by Hideki Matsuhisa is linked with decoration and views that delight the rest of the senses.


The Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa continues to be the reference in Andorra for its quality, services, elegance and gastronomic offer. A place where you can compare adventure and sports with rest and hotel services such as the great Spa or its rooms.