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Snowshoeing: Nature at its purest and at your own pace.

Snowshoeing: Nature at its purest and at your own pace.

Snowshoeing is a perfect activity for those who don't dare to ski or for those who are new to snowshoeing, as it doesn't require any previous technical knowledge and is easily adapted to all levels and ages.


They are always a good option for an outing with the family, a group of friends or alone, because as well as practising heart-healthy exercise, you can enjoy the scenery and the silence. You can take it easy, stop to have a snowball fight and even end up making a snowman, so don't forget your carrot!


Although it is not a complex activity, if it is the first time you are going to do it, we recommend that you seek the guidance of an expert guide to guide you on the route and the most appropriate duration according to your needs, and if not, the best option is a marked and signposted route. Remember, the mountain is fantastic, but always with caution!


Advice on clothing

As with all snow sports, when snowshoeing it is also very important to wear the right clothing so that you don't end up wet or cold.


In this regard, it is advisable to wear clothes adapted to snow and winter hiking boots, as well as underwear made of a material that facilitates perspiration. It is best to opt for comfortable and functional clothing that facilitates movement and adapts to inclement weather.

It is essential to wear sunglasses with a protection index of 4 or 5, and always use sun cream with full sunscreen, as well as never forget to check the weather conditions of the place you are going to visit.



The right snowshoes

The most important thing when choosing snowshoes is to take into account the intensity of the exercise and the type of terrain on which you will be walking. If you opt for a route on groomed trails, a smaller size will suffice, as it will be lighter and easier to handle.


If you are an expert hiker and prefer to do off-piste routes or routes with a greater gradient, it is best to opt for snowshoes equipped with wedges in the heel, an equipment derived from ski touring that allows you to compensate for the slope and will allow you to walk almost as if you were doing it on the flat.



Routes in Andorra

Andorra is a paradise for snow lovers and therefore has many options for enjoying it, and the snowshoeing routes are no exception. You can choose the level of difficulty of the route and the duration according to your possibilities so that the excursion adapts as well as possible to your needs.


Near the Sport Hotel Hermitage & Spa you have an ideal itinerary to get you started in snowshoeing while enjoying magnificent views of the mountains of Envarlira and the village of Soldeu. The Grandvalira resort has four routes that can last from one to five hours depending on the option you choose.


The Ondino-Arcalís resort has three routes with different levels that are perfect for families, Pal Arinsal has six routes in its two sectors, Pal and Arinsa, and in the Naturland area you can snowshoe, whatever your age, and enjoy the scenery and nature of La Rabassa.