Nandu Jubany

Nandu Jubany arrives at the kitchen of Sport Hotels Resort & Spa with the best of credentials.

Born amongst the cooking rings of Catalonia, he learned his trade from the best and shared experiences in the kitchens of Juan Mari Arzak, Martín Berasategui, Fausto Tierra and Carles Gaig, amongst many others.

Over the years and the roads travelled, Nandu Jubany took up the challenge to open his own restaurant. In 1995 together with his wife, Anna Orte, opened Can Jubany located in a charming traditional farmhouse converted into a space where to discover and enjoy new tastes and culinary concepts.

With time his creativity and professionalism was rewarded and just 3 years after opening, in 1998 the restaurant and his chef received a Michelin star.

You fall in love with Nandu Jubany´s gastronomy day after day. Looking for and finding the balance between the quality of traditional cuisine and the modern and brilliant.

Under the direction of the chef the local produce passes from forest and orchard to the plate reinventing recipes and taking care of the smallest detail. And always with locally sourced and seasonal products.

Throughout the year, you are invited to discover, indulge and enjoy the dining experience in our restaurants at the hands of Nandu Jubany and his great team.